Sony Ericsson W910 Cell Phone Review

For walkman phone fans and especially for Sony Ericssoners here's the best walkman phone from Sony Ericsson and now they called this walkman phone “W910. This phone come with “SensMe” , this feature can play music that match your current mood and tempo also other interesting feature they called “Shake”, an easy way to control the games or the music by simply shaking the device, sounds great right? at this walkman phone you also can find other features like new Media Manager that makes browsing and managing the whole media (video, photos, music) inside the phone (and memory card) and you can find PlayNow 4.0 too at this phone the latest version of PlayNow mobile download service. Wow this is complete feature for a best walkmanphone. For connectivity this phone offer built-in support for HSDPA (3.5G), with this feature you can enjoy up to 3.6MBps download rate on the go. Price ? no information about it.. sorry.

one photo below

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