Top 4 Pink Cellphones

Here we post top 4 pink cellphone , the phone will appeal to young ladies, who are keep on fashion.

here's the lists :

1. Sharp SH903iTV Pink tv Phone

This is the best pink cellphone I ever seen, you can watch TV with this phonecell because this Sharp’s mobile TV phone supporting 1-SEG. It features rotating display, which adopted high resolution LCD panel of Sharp.

2. VK pink phone 'VK530'

Number 2 is VK pink phone 'VK530' , as you can see what make it different is about the design and it looks so sexy and cute!

3. LG Pink SV590

And then number 3 is phone from LG, the pink chocolate phone ‘SV590’. This phone features a red dot touch keypad, 512MB built-in memory, and dedicated MP3 chip.


and the last is pink MOTOROLA W37, its a clamshell mobile phone and come with a nice slip pouch

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