Sony Ericsson K850i Review

I see this cellphone at local store yesterday, yes the gorgeous Cyber-Shot Sony Ericsson’s K850i cell phone. Im plan to purchase it but currently I start saving to buy a dedicated server for my website. I Hope can buy this amazing phone from Sony Ericsson next year.
This phone if I compare it with K800i, K850i is slightly fatter and according to cosa probably because the company now placed the camera cover under the case. When camera active the cover will automatically open.

New improvement that you will find at this phone is the SIM card house, if compare it with K800i you need to take off the battery to replace the SIM card which isn’t easy either. K850i gives us more humanly experience. SIM card, battery, and memory card housing are now reside on the bottom of the phone, and you simply have to push ‘em down their house. If you need to take them off, push them gently and pull. Can’t be that easier.

you can read full review at here... ( Recomended)

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Malc said...

Cyber-shot Sony Ericsson K850i is one of the best campera phone nowadays....they improved the Cyber-shot series plus it accommodates both Memory Stick Micro and microSD memory cards for storage and that's the biggest advantage from other.

But let us also consider the Samsung’s Premiere Snapshooter SGH-G800 again it's also one of the best camera phones in the market.

Well for the conclusion, I must own first both so I can able to compare which one is the best camera phone....