LG Viewty Goes Purple

LG released another variant from LG Viewty, yes ! believe or not LG released purple LG Viewty ! all phone features and specs same with old version and the different only the color . As we know previous LG Viewty available in Black, Silver and Pink ! not enough with that LG released purple color !

the price must be same and who will buy it ? a purple cellphone ?

The LG Viewty Purple, also known as LG-KU990 is available at UK’s Orange Wireless.

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i miss you!! said...

omg! i would so get this phone!!! oh wait i am!! my uncle works with computers and electronics and stuff and has ordered me a purple LG! i am so happy!! if i end up breaking it...hes got others waiting to be bought just for me...hes getting my cousin a LG rythm but i still think mines better so does she..i guess its cause im the youngest and i get what i want..my uncle spoils me..anyway..u had no comments so i thought id tell you about me getting one...im like the only one on this planet though!! if you ever wanna talk my email is annadc_1993@yahoo.com thanks for listening