Samsung A130 phone review

Samsung presented new Flip Phone called Samsung A130 or also known as SHW-A130S or SHW-A130K. This phone is great for you that love use internet for communication, why ? because this phone not only offers HSDPA and Wi-fi , this phone also offers a dedicated VoIP Service enabling you to place local or international calls at discount prices.

Samsung A130 cellphone comes with 2.4″ QVGA screen, MicroSD Card slot (Up to 16GB), equipped with 2Mpix Camera. You also can watch video with this phone, it comes with movie player supporting mp4, avi (DivX+MP3, DivX+AC3), DivX (DivX+MP3, DivX+AC3), skm, k3g, 3gp film format. No price information available.

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